tennyson 2My Path And Philosophy

I first became involved with healing arts during my undergraduate years in Boulder, CO. Through self-study, I gained a broad understanding of how to maintain good health mentally and physically. After earning my Bachelors in environmental conservation from the University of Colorado, Boulder I spent a year traveling and teaching English in Japan. During my time in East Asia, I took a particular interest in the food habits of the people. Upon my return to the States I enrolled in the Downeast School of Massage in Waldoboro, Maine. I graduated in 1999 and have maintained a private practice of therapeutic massage ever since.

My growing interest in healing arts and Asian influences culminated into my decision to become an acupuncturist. I attended the New England School of Acupuncture in Watertown, MA where I received training in both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. I finished my training at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA where I earned a Masters of Science in Acupuncture.

In my private practice at Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage patients often use acupuncture and massage interchangeably based on specific needs and preferences. I also pay close attention to the dietary habits of each patient. I have found that helping to instill a consistent whole foods approach to eating will correct many imbalances. Using food as medicine is a simple, reliable healing tool at your disposal each and every day.

In addition to my formal training, I participated in a 100 hour Vipassana meditation course in Shelbourne Falls, MA in 2000. Since then, my meditation practice represents routine observation of my own mind and the quality of my thoughts. I believe meditation can help people from all walks of life. The potential for enlightenment is simple, unglamourous and for everyone. I encourage patients to take a look at the quality of their thoughts as part of their healing process as well as receiving acupuncture treatments, massage sessions and food guidance.

The body and mind are very wise and will be healthy and happy if given the right care. I believe that most of us need to subtract not add on our journey to have and maintain wellness. I find a simple tangible approach to taking care of yourself is often a welcome route for patients in these complicated times. I believe being healthy and happy is not about impressive modalities, complex technology or the most cutting edge technique. It is about finding your center, respecting it, tending it, and protecting it. Simple as it may be, finding balance when an individual has gotten far out of balance can be daunting. Acupuncture, massage, using food as medicine and disarming the mind are a map to restoring balance. In addition to the support you receive during your sessions, I can help connect you to other practitioners in the community that can address further any specific needs you may have as an individual. At Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage I look forward to having the opportunity to help you take care of yourself.

– Take Care Of Yourself –