Acupuncture and Massage can support your New Year’s Resolution!

It’s January and many of us feel inspired to take better care of ourselves than we have in the previous year.  But, with the pace of life it can be challenging to eek yourself up on the priority list.  You can do it though.  And when you take better care of yourself all of your other endeavors will benefit from a healthier more balanced you.  January is a perfect time to initiate an acupuncture series to resolve symptoms and correct constitutional imbalances.

What would it take to get you from where you are to your potential?  The answer to that magic question is going to be different for everyone but the path is the same.  And, the answer is more about consistency than any fancy fix scheme.  Where do we start?  Sometimes the best place to start is to find out how your body is doing? At Casco Bay Acupuncture and Massage I like to go into your health history and find out what your chief concerns are.  But then what?  Answer:  Again, the path is simple.  Acupuncture can begin to resolve your constitutional imbalances but not without your own contribution in how you care for yourself daily.

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there these days on what to eat and not eat, the best exercise, supplements, etc.  But despite the conflicting information the basic element of health and happiness don’t change.  Chances are, with a few simple modifications in your day to day, you can begin to feel much healthier, happier and more at peace.  Acupuncture can help reinforce some of those shifts you are taking on yourself and leave you feeling supported.  Massage is another powerful tool that reminds you how much you needed a hug or a pat on the back but you get to receive that message for a whole hour or hour and a half.

The other areas we can focus on are using Food As Medicine and learning simple meditation techniques.  It’s easy to shrug these off.  The power of food for or against our health and the power of meditation for or against our sanity are vital, the way drinking water is vital to our health.  Imagine going through all sorts of high tech tests and assessments in an attempt to find out why you don’t feel well and never addressing whether you are drinking water or enough water.  That is how important basic mindfulness meditation is and how elemental food is to our quality of life.  It’s that simple, drink water or you won’t feel well.  It’s crucial yet so simple all at once.  Meditation and food as medicine are that simple and that crucial.

One of my greatest passions in working with people using acupuncture and massage  is incorporating the power of meditation and food as medicine.  And going with the concept of water, learning meditation and the power of food gives you independence.  If I just gave a glass of water, that would be nice if you were really thirsty.  But you would not want to have to come to me every time you are thirsty.  I love to teach how to find water yourself and dig your own well so you have an endless supply of the core ingredients of health.

Cheers to us all in the New Year!

~ Tennyson