Food As Medicine

Steaming Bowl of Soup

At Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage in Portland, Maine I am eager to help you grasp the power of using food as medicine. Food is a powerful self healing tool at your disposal each and every day. Eating well doesn’t require any additional expense to your daily life. Many patients find they save money by not buying expensive prepared foods at the grocery store, eating out just to eat or using unnecessary supplements that bog down their constitution. Once you begin to make the shift, it is easy to develop a loyalty to this new way enforced by the positive results you experience. I can help support your efforts to be and stay healthy through acupuncture and massage. You can play the lead role in your journey to have and maintain wellness by grasping the power of food as medicine.

My training in traditional Chinese medicine has given me a strong foundation and loyalty to eating simple, good foods. Traditional Chinese Medicine has always placed a higher value on medicinal foods before medicinal herbs.  Imagine being prescribed an herbal formula, remedy, supplement or pharmaceutical for a particular problem and then eating foods that work directly against those medicinal herbs because you don’t know which foods are contributing to your problem or which ones could make it better.  In a Food as Medicine counseling session we go into great detail about medicinal foods as natural cures and natural remedies.  So often, less is more.

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I also have a particular affinity to the approach Paul Pitchford, author of Healing With Whole Foods, takes with what to eat. He is a big proponent of eating a predominantly plant based diet of whole foods. He does not suggest that the average person go to any extreme measures or even become vegetarian or vegan. He simply understands that food is power for or against a healthy state of being.  Most patients just need a good simple foundation to reestablish their relationship to food. They need ideas and solid suggestions of how to incorporate this new understanding into their busy lives.

– “Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies” –
– Frank Gillete Burgess –

Cascobay-FoodasMedicineAnother benefit of the services available to you at Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage is that I can incorporate little morsels of medicinal food guidance into each session. Simple suggestions over time can transform your eating habits and create profound improvements in the state of your overall health. For any patients who wish to discuss their diet in detail, I encourage you to periodically schedule a general consultation in addition to your regular treatment time. By creating additional time to focus in detail on your eating habits, we do not compromise your acupuncture or massage session time.

– Take Care Of Yourself –