Interrupt And Resolve The Cycle Of Anxiety With Acupuncture

Profound numbers of people young and old suffer from anxiety.  Palpitations, when your heart races for no apparent reason.  Shortness of breath when you are not even exerting yourself.  A sense of disorientation or detachment from your physical environment.  Dizziness.  When anxiety is the cause of these symptoms you can feel very helpless and overwhelmed.  If your anxiety condition settles in and becomes chronic you may develop a sense of dread for the next time you have an anxiety attack.

Many people suffer from generalized anxiety disorder whether they have been formally diagnosed or not.  What can be done to resolve this problem that is natural and does not have any negative side effects?

Acupuncture can be a very effective form of treatment to relieve the symptoms and resolve the chronic condition of anxiety.  In my private practice at Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage in Portland, Maine you can receive acupuncture to treat directly the overwhelming symptoms of anxiety as well as treat the root cause that is giving you this predisposition.  The treatment usually involves a few ear points or auricular acupuncture.  These points work directly to calm the nervous system and give you a sense of well being.  This effect is very important to restoring your experience of calm and well-being.  The treatment also involves some body points.  The body points may be on your lower legs or arms, your forehead, etc.  These points also calm your nervous system while also supporting your general constitution and rebalancing your energy that gives you a tendency toward having anxiety in the first place.

The treatment is a very comfortable relaxing experience.

At Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage in Portland, Maine I also find it of vital importance to make sure you are armed with some tools for when you go out of the office and back into the world.  I have never treated a person for anxiety that already had meditation skills and was using them on a regular basis.  That said, everyone I treat for anxiety tends to need some basic meditation instruction and some insight in how their mind chatter is making them predisposed to anxiety.  The good news, its all very basic and tangible.

I often use the example of good food for a healthy body.  Many of us are putting greater focus on eating more healthy food but what if we didn’t also drink water, at all.  Without water we will not feel well, no matter how good the food is that we are putting into our body.

The same is true regarding  anxiety and learning to disarm your mind through mindfulness exercises and meditation.  My goal is to help you with your symptoms while also helping you gain a greater sense of empowerment over yourself.

Don’t let anxiety run your life.  There is definitlly a solid route to solving the problem.  It is true, that even after acupuncture and learning mindfulness practices and meditation there are some people who may still need the support of anti-anxiety drugs.  But isn’t it better to try a more natural route first?

Finally, if you are currently taking anti-anxiety drugs, acupuncture and learning mindfulness practices and meditation are a very important part of potentially weening of those drugs under your doctors supervision.

I offer a complimentary phone consultation to anyone who would like inquire about whether acupuncture for the treatment of anxiety is right for them.