Portland Maine Thai Massage
“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
– Jim Rohn

Thai Yoga Massage Portland MaineYet another service that makes Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage stand out in your choices in Portland, Maine when you are looking for a massage therapist or acupuncturist is that you have the opportunity to benefit from a phenomenal and very ancient form of massage from Thailand. Thai Yoga Massage combines massage strokes with therapeutic stretching to treat what the Thai call “sen” lines. Sen lines are the energetic pathways of the body and they are very similar to the meridians mapped out for acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Thai Yoga Massage can accomplish many of the goals of deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy by accessing and treating troubled areas from different angles. The therapeutic results from a Thai Yoga Massage session are profound and definitely worth considering whether you have specific massage goals or whether you simply want to relax and unwind. Many people who come to Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage and try Thai Yoga Massage find it becomes their preference to traditional table massage or at least they alternate between these styles.

What to expect during a Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a padded mat on the floor. No oil is used. You wear comfortable clothes that you would normally exercise in.
During the session you will at times be sitting for neck, shoulder, back and arm work. Sometimes you will be lying face up for leg, hip and arm work.
Sometimes you will be side-lying for neck, shoulder, back, hip and lateral leg work. Other times you will be face down for back, gluteal and posterior leg
work. As the practitioner I use my hands, feet and knees at tools in the session.


Why get Thai Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is both diagnostic and therapeutic. As the practitioner, I can access muscle groups and joint functions in a way that is not possible with a table massage. I learn a lot about your body both physically and energetically from a session of Thai Yoga Massage. The information we gain about you can be used to determine treatment plans for future acupuncture treatments, table massages or thai yoga massage sessions.

Thai Yoga Massage feels very good. In addition to stretching and range of motion there is a lot of compression massage. We hold our bodies more than we realize. It takes mindfulness in a session to let your joints and limbs go completely to allow for the movements of Thai Yoga Massage. You will discover a lot about yourself, where you are and where you might like to be, in how you receive in the session. Once you have had a few sessions you will see progress and notice that you better “embody” your body.

The clients of Casco Bay Acupuncture & Massage show a strong affinity for the Thai style of massage once they experience it. Often, clients will rotate which modality they use, sometimes a Thai yoga massage, next time perhaps acupuncture to shift a deep pattern we discover in Thai, the time after that perhaps a therapeutic table massage for better measure. As they usually put it, “It’s all good!” A typical Thai Yoga Massage lasts about an hour 
and a half, though you won’t believe how the time flies!


– Take Care Of Yourself –