T.H. Portland, ME 10/13/13

I’ve had MS since 2002 and have been getting acupuncture since 2004. I’ve been treated by many practitioners, until I found Tennyson. Where many practitioners take a clinical approach to both acupuncture and massage, Tennyson uses a holistic approach, treating

B.B., South Portland, ME 10/16/13

When I started working with Tennyson in September 2009, I was in severe pain every day. Muscles in my lower back were hard and unyielding. I was stiff after sitting. I had tried a range of remedies with some improvement,

K.W. South Portland, Maine 10/12/13

I have worked with many acupuncturists over the years but Tennyson is someone special. Not only are her clinical skills exceptional, but I believe she is also a natural healer. She first treated me for a sinus infection several months

Frank D. Portland, ME 10/27/13

I have suffered from back pain on and off for years originating from a herniated disc that I sustained in 2011. I have tried many different traditional medicine techniques including physical therapy and epidural steroid injections, and acupuncture is the

E.C. North Yarmouth, ME 10/20/13

I began seeing Tennyson for chronic neck and shoulder pain after many years of physical therapy that yielded only temporary results. Through a combination of table massage, Thai massage, acupuncture, and positive energy, my pain management has steadily improved over

RNP Cumberland Foreside, Maine 10/16/13

“I have been a client of Ms Towl’s healing arts practice for over two years. I have had over fifty appointments and can easily state that I plan on having many more. I have been an active participant in my

M.B. Spring Hill, TN 5/16/2012

If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to your massage therapy, then look no further. I’ve been going to Tennyson for almost 9 months and have done a variety of therapies and I’m a much better person. I’ve had