Why get acupuncture?

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Acupuncture can be an extremely powerful low risk option to resolve many common health issues. When prescription drugs or surgery represent the choices a patient has for a treatment plan, acupuncture can be a viable alternative. Acupuncture combined with dietary and lifestyle adjustments can significantly reduce or resolve many common health issues.

Instead of a patient relying on migraine medication to cope with the symptoms of an attack, acupuncture and learning better self care can often resolve the causative factor creating the migraine. Health issues such as premenstrual syndrome, digestive disturbance, insomnia and emotional strain can all be addressed by treating the constitution of the patient. Acupuncture can also be very effective in the management of chronic pain and represent a valuable alternative to a life time of pain medication and/or surgery. In cases where the pain is severe and enduring, acupuncture can significantly reduce the amount of pain medication required to provide relief.